Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Dr. Bork treats patients as young as 3 and and recently over 100 years old.  You can be assured we will be the guardians your Family’s teeth.  This is why we work with dental insurance companies to help cover your regular dental exams, X-rays and cleaning.  Our entire office and staff are committed to assuring you and your family a lifetime of good oral health.

State of the Art Root Canals

There are many dentists in WNY and then there is Amherst Gentle Dentistry.  We’ve raised the practice of dentistry to a whole new level.  Root canals don’t have to be painful or expensive. Dr. Bork uses only the finest materials, the newest technology and the most cutting-edge dentistry to achieve the best outcomes.  Most root canals take less than an hour in the office and a single visit. As for cost, well we participate with most insurance plans and many times there is no cost to you.

I’m Scared

You are not alone. Dr. Bork has been treating anxious patients for over 20 years. Many are like friends now and have bought their family and friends to the office.  We have many techniques to make you relaxed so that in time a visit becomes routine and your anxiety is a thing of the past. Call us to schedule a visit, we are always happy to help you make that first step to a healthy smile.

Silver vs. Composite Resin (tooth colored) Fillings.

We are proud to say that it approaching two decades of not using fillings with mercury in our office. Not only are our patients safer, but their teeth often don’t even look like they have fillings in them, the are simply gorgeous! Give us a call to make an appointment to finally get rid of those broken down and blackened silver fillings!

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